Lowest Rates in BC

Mortgage Lenders in BC offer the lowest mortgage rates to brokers who do the most volume. As a member of DLC Clear Trust Mortgages – A Better Way I pool my deals with dozens of Mortgage Professionals in order to get full access to these rate privileges.

It’s impossible to quote an exact rate without knowing anything about your application. For example, rental rates might be higher than if you’re planning to live in the property. Or the rate could change based on how much you have as a down payment, or where you’re planning to buy.

So it’s not relevant and often deceiving to just quote the lowest possible rate which is what many brokers do to get your attention.

The best thing to do is contact me with an overview of your scenario and I can give you a better idea of what’s available for your exact situation.

I can almost always get you a better rate than what your bank is offering. Just call me for an exact quote or fill out the form below.

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